Solution to increase the fluidity of powders and bulk materials. Prevents adhesion of powders and bulk materials in silos, pipelines and tanks.

Alternative more efficient to replace the vibrator motors or electromagnetic vibrators. JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY, widely tested in the United States and Europe, now in Brazil

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Explanatory video

Explanatory video
Presentation Supergauss Maghammer Specifications Maghammer


Problems with clogging and adhesion of powders and granular materials? 6


1- You do not need compressed air
2- flexible settings via controller, suited to the specific requirements for your application.
3- Product sealed, allows its use in places severe conditions powder.
4- The operation can be activated by an external signal, internal timer or manual control.

1 – You do not need compressed air
2 – Impact force is adjustable via the controller
3 – beat frequency and pauses are adjustable via the controller
4 – Automatic beat frequency is adjustable: 1 + hit pause, 2 hits + pause, 3 beats + pause, etc.
5 – Constant Impact is an effective resource for troubleshooting
6 – The structure is sealed to prevent ingress of dust or moisture
7 – Durability ensured through without mechanical drive controller contacts
8 – terminal strip mounted on the controller for external signal connection