Plus Flexible Roll

Permanent magnet with thermoplastic, with multipolar magnetization, designed to provide a high force of attraction on metal surfaces. Can be laminated with a wide variety of toppings, bonded with strong acrylic adhesive for excellent durability. The magnetic poles are positioned on a surface of the web and are parallel to the side of the blanket. The magnetic force is the inner face of the roll.
Flexibility can bend without breaking at a radius of 25.4 mm, at 20 ° C.
Specific gravity: 3.8g/cm3
Product maximum power: 0,78 x 10 6 gauss oersteds.
Holding Force: 34 Kg/cm2, for thickness 0,76 mm
24 Kg/cm2, for thickness 0,51 mm
Magnetization: 12 poles per inch (25.4 mm).
Stability: magnetic blanket and covers have excellent stability from -40 ° C to 72 ° C.
Durability: many years under normal use
Weather resistance: excellent.
thickness tolerance: +/ – .0015″ (.038 mm).
Length Tolerance: + 152,4 mm
Toppings: Not covered with vinyl or sticked.
Usage: Toys, letters, numbers, or magnetic signals for magnetic boards, decorative panels, signs, etc. Magnetic signaling products. – Magnetic products advertising.
Easily cut with a knife or cutting tool, flexible magnet covered with vinyl allows painting, “Offset”, “hot stamping” or pad printing. All paints should be tested before use in magnetic blankets.
Dimensionally stable.


from to
Length 15 m 240 m
Width 620 mm 620 mm
Thickness 0,3 mm< 0,8 mm

Special sizes can be offered on request.